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The KOOL team is proud to unveil the final result of this collaborative project with The Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi des Cantons de l'Est . The initial goal was to create and sell products with an artistic and symbolic message to promote the cause chosen during the ideation process. The central theme that was chosen bears the name of "Nourishing" and brings together three concepts of education and social promotion. Different axes revolve around these premises.

Eat locally:

  • Promote local agriculture.
  • Demonstrate and value the work behind each food.
  • Educate on the importance of the local economy.

Feed your mind:

  • The importance of nourishing your mind to evolve from within.
  • Promote resilience, self-compassion, self-esteem through the pandemic.
  • Promote critical thinking, balanced and harmonious dialogue for a more human society.

The right to food:

  • Educate on social inequalities, financial difficulties and their impact on the right to food.

S Under the theme “Nourish”, these products were designed by five women gathered for the Design your cause initiative, which aims to sell items carrying an artistic and social message. . Profits will be donated to SOS Dépannage.

The work of Geneviève Rheault, Andréanne Gaudreau, Vicky Dumas, Anne-Sophie Legault and Karine Lambert, the design promotes harmony, mutual aid and local agriculture.

The bag is 100% made in Quebec!

Printed in Quebec!

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