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We are very proud of this great collaboration with Meghan Oak !

Being a young singer-songwriter, she released her first EP in 2020 and the public was quickly touched by his sentimental voice and his authentic texts.

The mention Goodbye is the title of his first single which has now accumulated more than a million plays on digital platforms.

It was his stint on the Star Académie show that made us discover it and we immediately fell in love with its authenticity and its values ​​which correspond to those we want to promote before.

Limited edition!

Meghan is 5 feet 3 and wears a medium for an "oversized" look.

Dashny is 5 feet 10 and wears a small for a more fitted look.

Printed in Quebec!

All clothing is unisex.

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C'est le nombre de jeunes sensibilisés lors de nos conférences dans les écoles. Les sujets de la connaissance de soi, du stress, de l'anxiété et de la santé mentale sont abordés.

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C'est la somme d'argent remise jusqu'à présent. KOOL s'engage à réinvestir un minimum de 10% de ses profits dans des activités d'impact et de changements pour promouvoir la connaissance de soi.