Mission – KOOL

The mission

The problem

Cases related to mental health disorders are on the rise, and as a result, the means of prevention currently used do not seem to reach the people most at risk, nor those who are on the verge of suffering.

We believe that people do not feel challenged by current prevention methods and that they unconsciously avoid the subject in order to protect themselves emotionally. Especially since we all live in a culture where appearance is put forward, it is counterintuitive to open up to introspective thinking since our energy is centered on what makes us feel good, on what is socially rewarding.

The why of KOOL

The brand's main message is directed to the wearer. Indeed, KOOL is the word obtained when the word "LOOK" is mirrored. With this word, we want to create a daily reminder of the importance of looking inside and around ourselves. Our goal is to make expressing, or understanding your emotions, a natural and spontaneous habit. The real impact is in the perception of someone external to the wearer, because seeing this message, he, in turn, will understand that it is normal and essential to be aware of his mental health.

What we offer

Being aware that we cannot change all of this culture, we want to use these "cultural flaws" as a vehicle for prevention. In other words, we hope to make a difference at the root of the problem with the help of clothing that carries the message, and thus make more people feel engaged and stay in touch with themselves.

Our vision

In order to redefine the standards, we want to move away from superficial modeling and advocate physical diversity outside the ideals of beauty since mental health has no form, gender, age, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Our models not only come in various shapes and appearances, but they all have a raw and authentic testimony, which is featured in our blog. Change in society begins with each one of us.

“KOOL is more than a brand, it is a fabric that carries messages. "